CMH Art & Design F.A.Q.

What services do you offer?

CMH Art & Design services include, but are not limited to logos, flyers, websites, illustrations, social media, and videos. CMH Art & Design also offers graphic design classes.

How do you accept payment?

All payment for designs must be made digitally via an online payment service. Cash payments for design work is not accepted. A paper trail is necessary in order to maintain accurate records for all design work that has been purchased. Payment is accepted using the following:

  • Venmo
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Facebook Pay
  • Cash App

How much will my design be?

CMH Art & Design prices vary. The price of one design, or project may or may not be the same price of another. The set price depends on the design's complexity. Please visit the Pricing page for additional information. If there is a specific inquiry, please click the email link here >

How can I contact you?

CMH Art & Design likes to keep a record of all communication. Therefore, communication is done via email and messages. Facebook and Instagram messages are also accepted. Voice messages may be sent if needed. This is done to keep a paper trail for records and to avoid miscommunication. This is also done to protect you, “The Client” and “The Designer” from hearsay.

What design files will I get?

The designer will deliver all completed designs and projects in either of the following file formats: JPEG, PDF or PNG Video files will be sent in HD 720p or HD 1080p.

What is the turnaround time?

Each design or project will have a different turnaround time. It is determined by the complexity of the graphics being created. The more complex, the longer the turnaround time. If edits are needed, the turnaround time will be extended. For a specific turnaround time, details are required about the design that is needed.

How many edits do I get?

Two free minor edits are allowed per design. Edits are to be made after the initial design is completed and before final files are sent.

Do you remove your logo mark?

By practice, flyers, cover art, e-cards, banners, videos, some illustrations, and photos will contain the CMH Art & Design logo or a signature. It does not overpower the design itself. It is always placed within the design or in a corner at a smaller scale. The signature can be removed completely from the design when the client pays an additional fee.

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